Apollo Diagnostics Franchise: Cost, Requirements, Investment details for Apollo PCC

Want to open an Apollo Diagnostics Centre franchise? Apollo Group is a leading name in the healthcare franchise sector of India, and by choosing to join hands with them as a partner, you can get immensely benefited from their brand value. Moreover, the healthcare sector of our country is all set for a fast growth, which can generate as much as 15 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). Let us now look at more details about Apollo Diagnostics franchise, investment costs, area requirements to open an Apollo Patient Care Centre, franchisee contact and more. Keep reading!

Why open an Apollo Diagnostics Centre franchise: Opportunities and Benefits

Well, there are several reasons why you might want to start your venture as a franchisee partner of Apollo Diagnostics. First of all, Apollo is a brand name that needs no introduction and is already a leading player amongst the top healthcare franchises in India. You are going to be a part of a tremendous growth story: only in one and a half year, the total number of Apollo Diagnostic Centres in the country has risen from 0 to more than 200! Therefore, as the organisation will keep growing, your business will grow alongside as well! With minimum investments and very low running costs, you can hope for attractive financial returns on investment or ROI from Apollo Diagnostics Franchise business in India. If this sounds good, keep reading to see your eligibility, area requirements, and investments!

Who can apply for Apollo Diagnostics franchise: eligibility criteria

An ideal franchisee for an Apollo Diagnostics Patient Care Centre is a Pharma or Healthcare professional, or a physician, who already has the experience of running a diagnostics centre. Also, if you want to associate as a business partner and are ready to give your efforts, time, and dedication for business growth and entrepreneurship, you are fit to be a partner. However, you should also check whether you have the adequate financial capabilities and required premise area as mentioned below.

Apollo Diagnostics Centre Franchise: Investment costs, area requirements

In order to open a single unit of Apollo Diagnostics Centre, you need to invest only around 3 to 5 lacs. This makes it an excellent franchise business under ten lakhs rupees, which can generate significant return in comparison to the money invested. However, if you want to take a master franchise, the investment cost will be 15 to 20 lakhs rupees. You also need to pay a franchise fee of INR 100,000 if you want to set up a single unit Apollo Diagnostics PCC. For master franchise, you need to pay the same amount for every unit under your control. The franchise term is for five years.

Coming to area requirements, for every centre, you need 180-250 square feet carpet area, whether rented or on lease or own space. However, since you will be receiving patients there and people will be probably waiting there for long durations, you should make arrangements for washroom facility. An ideal location for a PCC is a upper-middle class or middle-class neighbourhood. If you have any doctor's chamber nearby, it is going to be an added advantage for you as chances are the patients will be choosing the nearest diagnostic centre for their convenience. Another thing you should keep in mind that Apollo does not allow setting up a Patient Care Centre anywhere other than on the ground floor, so that the senior citizens and the disabled patients do not face any problem availing the services.

How to apply for Apollo Diagnostics Patient Care Centre in India?

If you fit for being an Apollo Diagnostics Centre franchisee, and are ready to invest the above mentioned sum along with possessing the suitable area, you may send a franchise enquiry directly through the official website of the Apollo Diagnostics in the following address www [dot] apollodiagnostics [dot] in [slash] for-business-partners. You can also find out the existing Apollo Diagnostics Center locations in India from their official website.

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How can I know the available cities to take the franchise ? Is it possible to take the franchise in the city chosen by myself ?

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