Mahindra First Choice Franchise Investments: Cost, area requirements, application details

Looking for a Mahindra car showroom franchise? Mahindra First Choice is India's Number 1 multibrand certified used car company. Learn how to apply for Mahindra First Choice franchise, investment and area requirements, cost structure, details of franchise training and support programmes, and online application form download for Mahindra First Choice car showroom dealership franchise here. Keep reading!

Why open a Mahindra First Choice franchise used car showroom?

Mahindra is one of the best automobile franchise brands in India, while Mahindra First Choice takes pride in being the country's number one multibrand certified used car company. Apart from the brand recognition that provides and generates value for your business, there are quite a few advantages of opening Mahindra First Choice franchise. For example, all certified cars have Certifirst advantage and the customers can have the option of Warrantyfirst, which is the best used car warranty. The prices are transparent, and cars are quality checked. Mahindra First Choice ensures that cars are checked on a 118 point checklist. Company tie ups with various banks and finance companies for inventory funding will also help promote your business. All these reasons here are not exhaustive, and they make starting a Mahindra First Choice used car showroom franchise quite a great business idea in low investments for Indian entrepreneurs.

Mahindra First Choice Franchise Requirements: Investment cost, area & infrastructure

The working capital investment for Mahindra First Choice franchise is Rs. 20 to 50 lakhs. Keeping miscellaneous costs in mind, if you can invest Rs. 30 to 50 lakhs, as well as a premise area of 500 to 1000 square feet including parking space for 15-20 vehicles, you may fulfil the eligibility criteria for Mahindra First Choice franchise car showroom.

Mahindra First Choice franchise training and support programmes

Mahindra First Choice franchise training and support programmes are detailed, elaborate and efficient. All the franchisee owners and staff must go through them. Also, the company guidelines are to be maintained for several basics like store layout and interiors, payment collection and processing, sale agreements and so on. For details of training and support provided to Mahindra FirstChoice franchisee owners, please go through the official website.

How to apply for Mahindra FirstChoice authorised dealership franchise?

Visit the official website at, and download Mahindra franchise application form (PDF) from the /files/pdf/application-form.pdf page. You may also apply online from the /apply-online.aspx page by providing details about yourself.

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Gahlot said...

Sir I want to open a showroom and want to start my work as Mahindra dealership in Delhi near najafgar and I don't know how to apply and how to reach you my mail id is plz let me know the necessary details

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am interest for dealership

Unknown said...

I'm interested start 7097537884

Unknown said...

I want to start hero motor crop showroom plz send the details how to get dealership in ranchi

Unknown said...

Sir I want to open a showroom and want to start my work as Hero dealership in Meerut and I don't know how to apply and how to reach you my mail id is plz let me know the necessary details

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

I am interested franchise mahindra first choice in patna bihar.
My mail id

Unknown said...

I want all the details of your mahindra first choice dealership and franchise
I have my on land approx 7000sqft

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