Top 7 fast food franchise chains in India worth profitable business

Fast food franchises in India have always had a good business. In accordance to the national spirit of hospitality, India welcomes all cuisines of all cultures. Apart from fast food businesses, in India only you can perhaps find Chinese and American, Indian and Italian foods being sold side by side. The same goes for fast foods too. From our very own South Indian breakfasts of Idli and Dosa, the Bengal trademark egg chicken rolls, and the plethora of sweets and snacks that come from North India, the country also welcomes and admires all kinds of overseas fast foods.

Fast food culture in India has particularly grown over the last ten-fifteen years. Be it burgers or doughnuts, pasta or pizza, the fast food industry of India is one of the ever-growing, booming businesses. In India, there are millions of fast food restaurants around, but they never seem to be sufficient and there is always a lot of room for improvement. If you are considering opening a profitable franchise business, starting a fast food franchise in India can always be a good deal. However, there are so many good fast food franchises in India that selecting the right business can often be a daunting task. Starting Franchise makes your job easier by handpicking some of the best QSR franchise businesses of India here.

Top 7 fast food franchise businesses of India

There are lots of big fast food brands in India, but unfortunately not all of them offer a franchise business. However, you can rent out your commercial space to them and run a profitable business. If you are looking for renting opportunities, check out for McDonalds, Dominos and Cafe Coffee Day. Apart from these three, almost all other top multinational QSR fast food chains in India offer their franchises. Given below is a list of what we have thought to be the top 10 QSR chains of India. However please note that this is only a random list; these top seven fast food chains in India are all doing great comparative businesses and it is very difficult to prepare an order of merit. Take a quick look!

1. KFC: High investments worth higher returns

The cost of KFC franchise in India will be somewhat like 1 crore, excluding the franchise fee and the 4% royalty fee on net sales. This is a high investment franchise business indeed, but very much worth it. Since KFC is undoubtedly one of the top fast food brands in India, the expected return period of capital can be 2 to 3 years. To find out how to apply for KFC franchise in India, details of contact persons for KFC franchise and all other relevant details you might want to know, click the KFC logo or the link above.

2. Pizza Hut: Only big pizza brand offering franchise in India

Another enterprise of the Yum! brands like KFC and Taco Bell, Pizza Hut is undoubtedly one of the best fast food franchise opportunities in India for young entrepreneurs. The net investment for Pizza Hut franchise in India will be close to 2 crores INR, along with a franchise fee of 25 thousand USD which translates to 15-16 lakh rupees. The royalty is 6% on annual sales. Click the Pizza Hut logo to know about its franchise information in India.

3. Subway: Fast food franchise business in India under 30 lakhs

With 39 thousand eateries spread across 102 countries, Subway does not wait for its introduction as one of the largest fast food franchise chains of the world, let apart India. No beef or pork is served in Subway restaurants in India to ensure customers of all religious communities can eat there. The minimum investment amount is Rs. 25-30 lakhs. The franchise fee is a single time payment of Rs 4.5 lakhs (approximately) for the first franchisee, and Rs 2.25 for the next. The advertising and royalty fees of Subway in India are 3.5% and 8% straight on the net sales.

4. Taco Bell: Another Yum! Brand quickly growing in India

The Taco Bell India menu is tailor made according to the taste of the Indian palate featuring Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas, veggie chalupas, Potato and Paneer variations flavoured with Mexican seasoning and spices. Estimated investment for Taco Bell franchise in India will be around 3 crores. This is indeed a huge investment, but we believe that this will be a promising business since the Mexican food is still new in India and is yet to have any serious competitors.

5. Kenny Rogers Roaster (KRR): A horizon of growth ahead

If we are to name any big fast food brands in India, KRR is obviously going to come after KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway and Taco Bell. Kenny Rogers Roaster may not be too popular in India yet, but it has already built a great market in the United States and is fast expanding in the Indian subcontinent as well. Total investment for starting a Kenny Rogers Roaster restaurant including franchise fee and other infrastructures will be 1 crore in Indian currency, and you will require a premise area of minimum 2500 square feet.

6. New York Pizza & Fried Chicken (NYPFC)

If you cannot afford to invest high amounts for KFC, Subway etc. and are looking for cheap fast food franchise business opportunities in India, then NYPFC should be the right choice for you. New York Pizza & Fried Chicken is a well established fast food brand which can be started with low investments. You can start it in just Rs. 50 lakhs to 1 crore. NYPFC has not particularly mentioned the required premise area, but we believe 1500-2000 sq ft area in a high street or mall should be sufficient.

7. Quiznos: An emerging fast food business opportunity in India

Following the success of the top QSR franchises in India like McDonalds, Dominos, KFC and Subway, Quiznos is yet another American fast food franchise opportunity in India for young entrepreneurs. This is fast food business with 30 to 50 lakhs in India and can be a good QSR franchise idea for low budget investors. The required floor area is also less as you can start a Quiznos franchise with just 1000 square feet carpet area in a shopping mall or high street.

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Rushabh said...

I want to start a Taco bell franchise in India but my only condition is I cant sell non-veg food as I am a vegetarian. I have a good location in mind. Please contact me

Ashu said...

Need to talk to u regarding this. Pls msg me at 9930696096

Unknown said...

I am the owner of the commercial property wanna give it on rent in Bathinda (pb) do contact me on 9417459000

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I have a shop at Mumbai, Matunga West.
want to start a new franchise, kindly contact me on 9821513484 for the same.

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I have a commercial property in Mumbai South, Lalbaug area, highly commercial n residential area with HNI locality. Want to rent out to some food chain. Kindly contact on 9820317473

Unknown said...

I want to open veg restaurant at delhi or ../ fast food counter pls help me out and suggest me
Please share and contact number ? ?
Harvinder singh

nareshchhakara said...

I wish to open a veg restaurant in delhi. Pls help me out and give a call on my no. 8527002206.

karanjeetagarwal said...

There are definitely a lot of scope for these fast food franchises in India. Food habits of people though vary from state to state, people will never hesitate to try something new in their city. But, of course, the foods prepared need to be pretty good that can compete with their own home food or local restaurant food. However, when it comes to money part, before investing in a franchise, you need to research about the money-spending capabilities and habits of people in that city. It's not just like opening simply will give you high return. There are a number of factors depend for the success of any business. Only the name is not enough!

Unknown said...

I wish to open a fast-food centre in jaipur what franchisee opportunities i have ? Call me 9414052243 Sandeep

rohan said...

Planing to open a franchise restaurant in Mumbai. Want to know what all options are available and when can we do it. Please call me on 9833574384

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