Cafe Mocha Franchise India: Investments, start up cost, application process

Cafe Mocha is looking for franchises in India. Learn more about Cafe Mocha franchise costs or investments and area requirements, franchise application procedure, how to get Cafe Mocha franchise in India and other details.

About Cafe Mocha: Franchisor profile

Mocha: Coffees and Conversations is inspired by the popular coffeehouse culture of Morocco and Turkey (known as Quahveh Khanneh), where people gather and gossip over hot coffee and hookahs. As the official website of Cafe Mocha India claims:

It’s a place to meet and suspend reality for a few moments. That’s what Mocha was designed to be...It’s beyond just sipping coffee and delectable bites.

Why open a Mocha cafe franchise outlet in India?

Ever since the inception of the first Cafe Mocha restaurant in Churchgate (Mumbai) in December 2001, the brand has experienced a smooth and progressive journey. With globalization and cosmopolitan culture ever increasing in Indian cities, coffee chain franchises in India are doing real good businesses. However, there is still sufficient scope for new cafe franchise businesses in India.

And when it comes to starting a cafe franchise business in India, you can blindly rely upon Mocha. They have a nice success story to buy. At present, total Cafe Mocha franchises in India count to 19. Mocha ensures that a coffee shop does not look like office cubicles; and every shop can come with different flavors and ambiances. It is a coffee shop people love to visit. Moreover, the investments for Mocha coffee shop franchise in India and other requirements are also comparatively less demanding like other leading coffee chains of India like Cafe Coffee Day and Barista Lavazza. Let us now talk about Cafe Mocha start up costs, area requirements, application process and other necessary information about opening Mocha franchise coffee chain in India. Keep reading!

Cafe Mocha franchise investments, returns, area requirements

Officially, Mocha franchise investment costs, area requirements, profit or return on investments, payback period of capital etc are not disclosed. However, by analyzing the data of its peer or competitor brands, we can roughly say that an estimated cost of opening Cafe Mocha in India will be around Rs. 50 lakhs to 1 crore, depending upon your locality.

How to open a Cafe Mocha franchise in India: Application process & franchise contact

The steps of get Mocha coffee chain franchise license in India are nothing complicated. In order to get Cafe Mocha franchise license in India, you need to download Cafe Mocha franchise application form as a Microsoft Word document, which can be easily availed from the official website. Duly fill in the franchise application form of Mocha coffee chain, save it in the hard drive of your computer, and email it back to the officials as an attachment. You will be contacted by Mocha authorities in due time. Also, please note that IEHPL reserves unconditional right to accept or reject your application. For any queries, you can contact Mocha India (franchise queries, investment details, start up costs for Mocha coffee shop or other questions) at the following contact details provided below.

Cafe Mocha franchise contact, email, mobile phone number, office address

Mocha Corporate Office
66 A, American Express Bakery House,
1st Floor, Clare Road,
Byculla – West,
Mumbai – 400008,
Board Line: +91 22 2309 9349
Fax: +91 22 2309 9349 Extn: 112
Contact Mocha at official email:

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aman said...

where to download the franchise form ?

Unknown said...

Hi I am interested to open cafe mocha franchise in pune . My mail please reply an details

Unknown said...

Hi I am interested to open cafe mocha franchise in Siliguri (W.B) . My mail please reply an details

akki said...

Hi I am interested to open cafe mocha franchise in Gujarat. My mail address is please reply me as soon as possible.

Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for the information but where do i get application form?

Unknown said...

Hey i am interested to open mocha franchise in aurangabad . My mail address is

Unknown said...

Hey there I m interested to open two wheelers hero moto Corp sub delete show room in Kanpur .plz give me detail in my mail address

Unknown said...

I would like to Start my new Coffee shop,so I would like to learn how to make hot and cold beverages, coffee, Latte, cappuccino and many more....
So pls suggest me some courses...

Anonymous said...

I'm interested open cafe Mocha in Bangalore please mail me the details to or contact me on 9945632016

Anonymous said...

I'm interested open cafe Mocha in Nagpur please mail me the details to or contact me on 7020670391

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