Starting American Kidz play school franchise: White collar business with low investment high return

Are you searching for a business with low capital investment with high return with an additional advantage of having a high collar business? Obviously starting a play school is the best option. Here is the information of American Kidz play school offering franchise with very low fees and minimum royalty charges, providing optimum support system. See the profile of American Kidz, investment required, expected return and other criteria required to start American Kidz preschool franchise.

Why to start American Kidz pre-school franchise : Company profile and support system

Play school business is one of the most flourishing businesses with low investment. The market of pre school is growing as the toddlers are now groomed in play school and gradually the concept of play school before getting admitted to main school is becoming popular even in small towns. Staring a play school may be lucrative business but is not that easy to establish as it looks because of the two main reasons. First the business model is not easy to prepare, secondly parents may compromise with luxury products or even essential products but not with proper growth, development and initial grooming of their child. So it is easier to start a franchise of well established brand of playschool and American Kidz is one among those.

American Kidz play school have an edge for its experience in English training and an experience of 22 years in teaching children, thus is well accustomed with even a minute part required for proper brain development of a child. Started in 1991 now American Kidz have its presence in about 400 cities and towns across India. In English Language Training American Kidz are largest and hold number one position. The model of teaching with fun creates interest in children encouraging them to come to school.

If we see from business point of view Starting American Kidz preschool franchise is not only a fun filled experience but also a business with low capital investment and handsome assured return. Now ball is in your court to decide!

American Kidz Preschool Franchise: Costs, return on investments, area requirements, royalty fee

The total investment for starting American Kidz Preschool is about 2 to 5 lakhs INR which include franchise fee and cost of ambiance to be created for a play school. The floor area should be minimum of 1200 to 1500 sq ft or more and should preferably be in ground floor with an open play area and in a residential location. Standard hygiene, proper ventilation and attached wash room should be there. The royalty fee is minimum and is 5%

The return or profit is almost assured in starting education based business, In American Kidz the return of investment is expected to be around 30 to 40% with a break even period of 2 years or less, however it depends on several factors like location, city, publicity and advertisements etc. The franchise agreement is done for three years and s renewable.

How to start American Kidz preschool franchise in India and other Countries - Application process and enquiry

For franchisee enquiry and application process for American Kidz preschool franchise, you have to visit official website You have to take a printout or fill the form in the format given and send to Managing director at corporate office in Meerut. You can also contact Amod K Bhardwaj for franchise of American Kidz in your town or city at Mobile no 0-9319115832, 0-9319305832 or at office number 0121-4010944.

American Kidz franchise contact details

Though American Kidz can be started at any city in India however location selection is finalized after discussion with franchisor. For any information, enquiry or query you can contact corporate office of American Kidz play school at Meerut. Complete address, phone no, fax, email, official website of American Kidz is provided below-

179/5, Nai Sarak, Shastri Nagar,
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)
Phone : 0121 4010944 Fax : 0121 4010944 Email : Wesite :

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It is worthless play school . Only peoples do the politics and there is no concentration on children. They just want to make money. Faculties are very poor.

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