Top 5 Preschool Franchises in India: Most profitable play schools

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Play school ABC building blocksPreschool franchises in India are booming businesses nowadays; parents are more concerned than ever with their kids' future, and willingly spend money to give the children the best possible education right from preschool levels. Opening a preschool franchise business in India can therefore turn out to be a wise business decision. Nevertheless, there are many good preschools in India and it is often a critical question to choose from them. Did you ever wonder which preschool franchise in India is most profitable? Which preschool franchise business in India has the best possible future? We will answer these questions here and come up with our list of top 5 play school franchise opportunities in India. Keep reading!

Why open a play school franchise business in India?

Right after food & beverage, the most hot and happening franchise business sector in India is probably education. With Indian consumers now richer than ever, and Indian parents also able to afford better and costlier education for their kids than ever, starting a play school franchise business in India seems like a really good idea. And at Starting Franchise, we have bypassed your daunting task of choosing from the best play school franchises. In India there are many good re-schools. A lot of Montessori and Kindergarten schools offer franchises in India. A list of top 5 pre school franchises in India therefore cannot claim to be all inclusive or comprehensive, but this is certainly a handy list for new entrepreneurs who want to start a play school in home and make money.


Five most profitable play school franchises in India

This list of top 5 Indian preschool franchises is made by our internal entrepreneurial surveys, and all the brands mentioned here got nearly same votes with slight differences. Just select the best play school franchise business for you, educate yourself about the basics of franchising, and kick-start a booming business!

1. Kidzee: India's number one preschool franchise chain

Kidzee Franchise Pre-school LogoKidzee is undoubtedly one of the best preschool franchises in India. It is also Asia's largest chain of pre-schools which boasts more than 900 schools in 330 plus cities. In 2010, Kidzee also emerged as India's franchisor of the year in all sectors. Required investment is just Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs and the required floor area is 2500 square feet. See the article below to know about how to open a Kidzee preschool franchise in India.

Learn about Kidzee Franchise opening cost, ROI, process

2. Tree House: India's fastest emerging play school franchise

Logo of Tree House play school franchise in IndiaTree House play school franchise in India will be yet another good business decision in low investment. Recently, Tree House secured the prestigious honour of the fastest emerging preschool franchise in Western India by Economic Times. Also, rated it as the top 10 innovative Companies in India. The net investment to open a Tree House play school franchise in India is also under Rs. 10 lakhs and the minimum required area is 1000 square feet. This is yet another top play school franchises in India.

Learn about Tree House Play School franchise investment details


3. Hello Kids: The NO Royalty preschool franchise chain of India

Hello Kids pre-school franchise logoHello Kids is one of those few top preschool franchise chains in India that has zero royalty fees. Since this cuts the necessary investment significantly, Hello Kids can be considered one of the most profitable play school franchise business. In India, the cost of opening a Hello Kids play school is about Rs. 10 lakhs, and the required floor area is a minimum of 1000 square feet. Exclusive territorial rights are given to Hello Kids unit franchises. The capital is expected to come back if 40-50 kids study in your school, and you can enjoy 100% ROI.

Learn about opening a Hello Kids preschool franchise in India

4. Shemrock: India's first preschool chain franchise

Shemrock Preschool franchise logoShemrock is one the oldest preschools of the country. India's first preschool chain, Shemrock has now more than 175 branches in various cities and is still going stronger. Recently, Shemrock Group of Schools has also been conferred the award of Franchisor of the Year in Education: Pre SchoolM by Franchise Plus, one of India's best franchise business publications. You need a minimum investment of Rs. 10 lakhs to open a Shemrock franchise preschool in India as well as a floor area of 2500 square feet. Read the following article to know more about opening Shemrock school in India.

Learn about Shemorck preschool franchise start-up cost, profit, supports

5. Euro Kids Preschool Franchise in India: Nearly 900 units & counting

Euro Kids preschool franchise logoEuro Kids preschool is one of the widest preschool networks of India and can't be kept out of our list of top 5 preschool franchises in India. The cost of opening a Euro Kids nursery school franchise in India is 10 to 15 lakhs INR. The required space is 2000 square feet.

Learn about Euro Kids preschool start-up investments



Unknown said...

Kidzee is best school for the kids , the kids programs activities and syllabus is unique .

Chennai Fashion Corner said...

i came across kidscare India is also doing good these days. any one can share your feedback about it?

Kumar said...

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll enquire.

praveen said...

I'm Planning to start preschool in hyderbad india what are the permission do I need to take from the state government and the prerequisite.

Unknown said...

Eurokids provides one of the best pre school education which focus is on the overall development of children through an integrated learning process.

Unknown said...

does kidzee charge royalty?

Unknown said...

Indoamerican schools is best pre school education which provide best care of your children and you find a great result.

Anonymous said...

Kinderville a Canadian Preschool and day care leader for last 25 years are the oldest one in this segment and having their presence in UAE, Dubai, India after successfully running the business in Canada. Its entirely different and most respectable brand worldwide.

shaji said...

Smartkidz is also a good option if you want to open a pre has 217 pre schools pan India. said...

How is bachpan playschool?

Kumar said...

Bachpan preschool is good no doubt but it is mainly based in North India, and that is why it has failed to make our top 5 list. If you want to know more about Bachpan preschool franchise, kindly refer to this link:

Unknown said...

The KiDS Square play school is also a good Options for Play school franchise in all over india.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your information, Website is very nice and informative content

Unknown said...

Which one is a good option for Pune.??

Maverick said...

There's one school in Pune, Hadapsar called Sandbox. Little-known but probably the best for your child. I went to check it with a friend and was damn impressed with the curriculum,the methodologies, the ideas and the way they keep the kids. Since its just a year old, its not that wellknown in the city. But all the students there are out of word-of-mouth referrals. The director there has a lot of experience and is managing it on her own. There is her personalized attention and involvement in the school and the teaching. We met parents who were all praises about how the school and especially the director helped her kid and has worked wonders with her. Truly the best possible school in the area. The fees is also reasonable, a lot of books are imported, teaching methodologies are by far the best. Medium is English and apart from studies, overall development is superb!!! So forget Kidzee and other flashy schools,go for Sandbox.

Unknown said...

Which has No Royalty and what other charges are there? I have about 10000 sqft area and want to open a small school upto class 5.The location is a remote area near Nainital uttrakhand.Plz contact me on

Unknown said...

Kidcave is the best preschool which provide franchise and support for the franchiser and also get the admission and best curriculum for the students to learn and enjoy

Dan said...

Dear Sir,

Good Day.

Here we offer a wonderful place to open pre-school-play house in Jamnagar’s posh residence area Park-Colony, Jamnagar.

Office and Class room
One west open front office and Four class room. One pantry.

Play Ground & Garden:
Now a days, in all pre-school don’t have enough play ground for children to play enjoy easily all together all outside games. Here you are getting about 2000 sq.fts play ground.

Ready Business and long term agreement.
Recently Shanti Juniors play school vacated this place. Good running pre-school. There was having more than 50 students.

Rent of this is only 25000/- per month which is very low when compare to other posh area and ground-garden size. Ready available space.

To see place, please contact Sanjaydan Gadhvi mobile: 9426227111.


Sanjaydan Gadhvi.

Unknown said...

ABC Montessori is a leading Play School as well as Franchise for Pre-School with presence across India Since 1994. Call us : 1800-1370-130.

Shan said...

I'm Planning to start preschool in Bareilly india what are the permission do I need to take from the state government and the prerequisite.

Pradeep Rawat said...

I think Cambridge Montessori should be included in this list. As the facilities and environment that they provide to a child is unmatched to any of these schools.

The Poly Kids said...

The Poly Kids is ranked No 1 Preschool chain in Uttrakhand(UK) now having 12 Branches in Dehradun, Rishikesh and Punjab. Dehradun is know for its education and education competition. The Poly Kids has maximum number of student base compare to any national pr international brand. We are now expanding to North India through low cost franchise model. Feel free to contact for any assistance.#955 777 55 22

Unknown said...

No. You have to pay 3.1 lacks for buying franchise and then 50k after every 6 months. This scheme ia in delhi ncr haryana region

simran said...

Hello, planning to open a play school in chennai. What are the legal formalities and permissions to open one? How much is the franchise charges?

nitsaddis said...

I plan to start my pre school at pimpri, pune by this Nov end, for this i need a experienced female candidate who can join me. Please call me on 7276016430 or email me

Unknown said...

Hi am planning to open in miraroad mumbai help me out which playschool will be a good option regs sunita

Ketan Parmar said...

what about shanti juniors how is it??

R.saha said...

What about Time Kids pre school. It is good for future. I am planning for franchise in Kolkata.. Please help.

Sakshi Tiwari said...

Oyspa play school franchise is one of the leading pre-school franchise that gives you an opportunity to start your own play school at a very low investment
For more information you can call us
Mob No-8100681006
You can also visit our website

Unknown said...

Here in Ahmadabad, When I was searching for a good pre-school for my daughter, I was very confused.. there are so many promising options over here. After going through number of schools and institutes, I finally found Shanti Juniors. This is very vibrant and homelike school and offers many different activities for the development of children. Teaching staff is very friendly and caring and moreover, the interior is really playful. Will recommend this school to parents for their little child. Check it out the website,I'm sure you'll like it.


Unknown said...

Hi everyone, I was looking for a great business opportunity in education industry and pre-school is a good option. After thorough research and number of meetings with many pre-schoool organisations, I finally chose Shanti Juniors as for my Investment purpose. Things are very easy and convenient with them. Moreover, Shanti Juniors is one of the most trusted Nursery School in India.

Unknown said...

I was looking to open a preschool in prune and came across Shanti Juniors and found the offerings really profitable. It's been a year now since i started up shanti juniors franchise in prune and i must say that Shanti Juniors is definitely the best option for starting your own preschool. Their pre school curriculum, admission and marketing support and the overall management of the team is the best.

Kumar said...

Well, Shanti Juniors is already listed in this website:

Unknown said...

Can someone let me know about the preschool named My Chota School.Got an offer from them, but not quite sure about it.

Poulami said...

@Sunita Majumdar: Sorry for the late response. We will try to inquire and if possible shall make an article on the same topic. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to this website by entering your email address so that you do not miss any article. You will find the email subscription box in the rightbar of this website.

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