Hello Kids Franchise India: Cost, investments, application process

Want to start a Hello Kids Franchise? India's school franchises are growing fast, and opening a Hello Kids franchise in India won't be a bad idea because it is India's number one pre school franchise. Let's see how to start a Hello Kids franchise, cost, franchise fees, return on investments, application procedure, contact profile and other necessary details.

Why open a Hello Kids, not other Indian preschool chain franchises?

Hello Kids, an ISO 9001-2008 certified pre-school, has been the first pre school chain of India. The country has since then witnessed a number of good preschools, but the popularity and the credibility of its premier preschool chain has remained unquestioned. The school offers world-class standards of child education, aiming at bringing up successful, independent individuals in future. Unlike many high end preschools in India, Hello Kids targets the middle income group. The students can get the best combo of Nursery and Montessori methods of international standards at nominal fees. Keeping Hello Kids fees low ensures a good inflow of students, and thus by opening a franchise of Hello Kids means you can target the largest consumer market that is the Indian middle-class. As of July 2013, the total number of Hello Kids franchise units in India count 207 and is looking to reach 250 by the next December.

There is also absolutely NO ROYALTY! Hello Kids franchise is the first of its kind to have a zero royalty, and the investment is relatively low as well. Let us now see the details of investments for Hello Kids franchise, cost, anticipated profits and payback period of capital, franchisee terms and so on. Keep reading!

Hello Kids Franchise: Cost, return on investments, profit period

The amount needed to open Hello Kids franchise pre-school depends on your location. In rural areas, it is Rs 2.5 to Rs 3.5 Lakhs. In urban areas, it is Rs. 3.5 to Rs 4.5 Lakhs. Cost of starting Hello Kids franchise in Bangalore is Rs 4.5 & Rs 5.5 Lakhs. However, in all cases, the investment is below Rs. 10 lakhs.

Now let us come to the area requirements. Hello Kids needs a 1000 sq. ft premise area, preferably ground floor. The locality should be a residential area, preferably with a high density of population. If you are planning to run it in your house, you need to switch over to a commercial electric meter. You do not need government permissions for preschools up to UKG / Montessori 3 level.

Exclusive territorial rights are given to unit franchises. The anticipated pay back of capital is 40-50 kids studying in your school so in that case the ROI is 100 percent.

Hello Kids preschool franchise support system, franchisee agreements

Hello Kids unit franchisees received prolonged support, which is given by only few top preschools in India. The great support mechanism includes:

  • Interior and Exterior Supports of Hello Kids franchises include designing manual, pain codes and complete guidance of furniture and fixtures.
  • Technical support is given exclusively to all franchisees. Teacher training is also available.
  • Marketing support includes periodical visit of support staff, event support, seminars, business fairs, presentation.
  • Advertising support of Hello Kids franchise include local level advertisement-layout, planning, and implementation. Also you are benefited from nation wide newspaper and electronic media ads.
  • Many more training and support options of Hello Kids preschool franchise are also there apart from this.

How to open Hello Kids preschool franchise: Application process, contact details

The application process to open Hello Kids preschool franchise is quite simple. Simply visit the official website of Hello Kids preschool (franchise page www.hellokids.co.in/franchise.php) and fill in the online franchise enquiry form. Hello Kids management will get back to you if they find you a suitable applicant.

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Rk Gabel said...

Can you please help in assessing viability of a franchisee business ie its economics

Gyanpunj said...

I am intrested to open the Hello Kids play school

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