Starting Chandrani Pearls franchise or authorized dealership : Investment cost, requirements and profit

In the jewellery fashion, pearls have taken a lead over gold and diamond and among the pearls Chandrani Pearl is largest pearl jewellery retail stores in India. An investment in franchise of Chandrani Pearls is worth as the customers is bound to come. Here you can get the information about basic requirements, investment and expected profits if invested to start franchise of Chandrani Pearl in India.

Information about Chandrani Pearls

The first outlet of Chandrani Pearl was started on 24th January 1995 at Minto Park, Kolkata and was promoted by Late Mr. N. C. Nayar, an ex-Hindustan Lever employee and his son Kuldip. The pearls sold by Chandrani Pearls are original and imported from Japan, China and Korea and is processed, crafted and designed here by patwas i.e. master craftsmen.

Chandrani Pearls gives authenticity certificate for every product purchased and guarantees 70% buyback. Chandrani Pearl boast on its authenticity and even declare an award of Rs 10000 if anyone proves its product as fake.

Is Chandrani Pearls franchise or dealership a good business in India

Among retail franchise businesses in India, jewellery business always had a good business. Jewellery has been the top priority of every women right from ancient ages, persist today and will remain as first choice of every women. However the taste changes and now pearls has been one of the best liked jewellery and nothing can be more genuine than Chandrani Pearls. This is the reason why the Company already have 75 outlets at present in India and growing rapidly. Joining as a partner of Chandrani Pearls by starting its franchise is certainly a preferred business in todays era and will be fruitful for long long years.

Having a jewellery showroom with low investment is a dream and Chandrani pearls had made this dream a reality. So if you have an space of 150 to 200 sq ft business area in a mall or in high street compound, then franchise of Chandrani pearl is one of the best business.

Chandrani Pearls franchise or authorised dealership requirements, cost, investment returns, royalty fees

The investment to become an authorized dealer or starting a franchise of Chandrani pearl is near about Rs. 8-10 lakhs and that is for furniture, fixtures and interiors. However the total investment can be more or less depending upon the location of the store or outlet. The floor area required for Chandrani Pearl retail outlet is about 120 to 200 sq ft with 9 to 10 ft frontage. The outlet should be clearly visible from ground floor.

Return of investment or profit depends on several factors that is location, ability and efficiency of dealer, proper marketing etc. The Company provide basic financial projections considering all factors involved, however that projection is just to guide your business and strategies.

How to start Chandrani Pearls in India - Application process and contact details

For franchise, authorized dealership of Chandrani Pearls you can contact at its head office situated at Kolkata. The detail address, phone number, email of Chandrani Pearls in mentioned below:

"Chandrani House"
2016 Rajdanga Main Road
Block GA-88
Kolkata - 700 107, West Bengal, India.
Phone : + 91 33 4031 4444
Fax : + 91 33 4131 4444
Email : ,
Website –

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