Chhabra 555 Franchise: Cost, investments, ROI

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Chhabra 555 ethnic fashion garments franchise logo Chhabra 555, a leading brand in Indian fashion industry catering ethnic women's clothings since 1953, has started franchising since 2005 and is growing fast. Learn how to open a Chhabra 555 franchise store in India, estimated cost, returns on investments, steps to open Chhabra 555 franchise, franchise contacts and other details here.

Why open a Chhabra 555 franchise in India?

Chhabra 555 needs no introduction to the Indian ethnic womens clothing consumers. Specialized in Sarees, Lehenga-Choli, Suit Dupatta and Bridal Apparels, Chhabra 555 means guaranteed product and service coupled with unbeatable price and design. From a small saree shop in Delhi's Chandni Chowk 55 years back, Chhabra 555 has come out to be one of the best fashion franchises in India, and a colossal name in the market of Indian women apparels! The elegant design that talks of aesthetics and the charm of Indian ethnicity has helped the brand in its upward journey over the years, and it is a good reason for you to open a Chhabra 555 franchise saree shop in India too! Since the inception of its franchising from 2005, Chhabra 555 has expanded on a mammoth scale, and still going high. The brand name is perhaps the best USP!


Existing stores and franchise outlets of Chhabra 555 in India

At present, Chhabra triple five franchise outlets in India are in Chandni chowk, Greater Kailash-I, South Extension, Raipur, Bhathinda, Panipat, Agra, Patiala, Rani Bagh, Faridabad, Rajouri Garden, Sahibabad, Indirapuram, Panchkula, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Meerut. The next could be at your place.

The Investment: Chhabra 555 franchise cost, requirements and ROI

The required space for Chhabra 555 franchise is at least 1500 sq. ft, and it should be high footfall area. The cost of opening Chhabra 555 franchise will be nearly 1 crore, as it the investment will include a security deposit of Rs. 30 to 40 lakhs against a security deposit of Rs. 75 lakhs to 1 crore. The investment amount required Chhabra 555 franchise is therefore certainly a bit high, but if you are looking for businesse opportunities within 1 crore investments or even higher investments, it can certainly be a good option. When it comes to the interior decoration or furnitures, the management provides the vendor support. Chhabra 555 launch expenses are also shared by the associates and the management. The agreement term duration is 5 years, which is further renewable. Last but not the least, the management helps you by carrying out aggressive marketing campaigns; however, your local level contribution always helps.

The anticipated return on investment for a Chhabra 555 franchise is 63%, and the figure is based on actual sales! Thus, in 1.27 years, you are likely to get your capital back! However, neither exclusive territorial rights nor any performance guarantees are given to unit franchises.


Chhabra 555 Franchise training, support and technical assistance

  1. After location approval, the technical staff of Chhabra 555 will assist you in laying out the showroom, design and visual merchandising.
  2. The supply chain is truly efficient and of high quality.
  3. Accounting Software for billing and management.
  4. The pre-printed stationary and visiting cards.
  5. The Chhabra 555 franchise unit holder may ask for training at own cost.

So, how to become a Chhabra 555 franchise or dealer? What are the steps involved?

To become a Chhabra 555 franchise, you do not need to be a fashion or retailing expert, for, extensive trainings are there. All they look for is your effort and dedication, confidence and enthusiasm. To become a Chhabra 555 franchise, please drop a few lines to the email address given below or send a letter to the postal address.

Chhabra 555 Franchise Contact: Email ID, telephone number, postal address

Email ID:
Mobile / Telephone Numbers: +91 9266311555,+91 9266411555
Postal Address for Contact: 555, Katra Ashrafi, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, 110006, India



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