VLCC Centre Franchise in India: Cost, return on investments

VLCC is one of the most prestigious names in Fitness and Beauty Services industry which has many health care centre and saloons in India and across the world. You can also become the valuable partner of this esteemed organization by taking its franchise and own VLCC Centre in your area or city. Read on to know how to start VLCC Centre in India, cost of starting a VLCC centre and where to contact for getting VLCC franchise in India.

About VLCC Health Care

VLCC Health Care has become the brand name in wellness industry which was founded by Mrs. Vandana Luthra in 1989. VLCC has its centre at 300 locations across 109 cities in 10 countries namely India, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Nepal. VLCC has received many awards and recognitions for its unmatched services in the field of health and beauty services. VLCC offer weight management, skin and hair care treatments and many other beauty services like spa, facials, make-up which are helpful to enhance your beauty and make you slim.

VLCC franchise cost or investment, area requirements, ROI

VLCC offers three kinds of franchises: (1) VLCC Slimming, Beauty, and Fitness Centre, (2) VLCC Slimming, and (3) VLCC Salon. The franchise cost break up, investment requirements etc. are given below.

VLCC Slimming, Beauty, and Fitness Centre: Cost and area requirements

The required premise area for a VLCC Slimming, Beauty, and Fitness Centre is 1800-2200 sq. ft. carpet area. The Franchise Fee is Rs. 15,00,000. The equipment and the interiors and fixtures will cost you around 18-20 lakhs and 28-34 lakhs respectively. Put aside 50 thousand to 1 lakh for miscellaneous expenses. The same will be needed for training cost. Thus, the total investment cost for VLCC Slimming, Beauty and Fitness Centre will be around Rs. 60 to 62 lakhs. The Royalty Fees will be Rs. 70,000 per month or 15% on monthly turnover,whichever is higher.

VLCC Slimming Franchise cost, franchise fee, royalty

The total cost for a VLCC Slimming franchise is between 34-35 lakhs and the area required is 1100-1250 sq. ft. carpet area. The Franchise Fee will be Rs. 8,00,000. Equipment and Interiors & Fixtures will cost you Rs. 10-11 lakhs and Rs. 16-18 lakhs respectively. Miscellaneous Expenses and Training Cost will be same as above; both between Rs. 50,000 – 1,00,000. The royalty fees will be Rs 40,000 per month or 15% on monthly turnover,whichever is higher.

VLCC Salon franchise investment cost, royalty fees, area requirements

You will need 800-1000 sq. ft. carpet area to open a VLCC franchise salon. The franchise fee will be Rs. 8 lakhs. Equipment will cost 5 to 7 lakhs. Interiors and fixtures will cost Rs. 14 to 18 lakhs. Training Costs and Miscellaneous Expenses both will be between 25 to 50 thousand. Thus, your total investment cost for VLCC salon franchise will be Rs. 26 to 28 lakhs.

VLCC Franchise: Professional and technical support

As a VLCC franchisee, you will be assisted with site selection, project development, staff recruitment and training, centre launch, equipment, training, marketing support, refresher courses, and quality control. For more details, refer to www.vlccwellness.com/India/professional-and-technical-support.

How to get VLCC franchise?

VLCC has very simple process to allot franchise if you met the above mentioned criteria, you can contact the persons mentioned below.

Mr. Abhishek Bhattacharya, Head – VLCC Franchise
Mobile: +91 9582509148

Mr. Ravi Srivastava, Head – VLCC Institute
Mobile: +91 9711473056

Head Office
Address: VLCC Health Care Ltd., Plot No. 64, HSIIDC Sector 18, Maruti Industrial Area,
Gurgaon – 122015
Email: franchise@vlccwellness.com
Phone: +91 124 4719700/4719868

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Talwalkars HIFI is also came up with their new health club franhcise business all over India.

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