Franchise Enquiry: Café Coffee Day - Cost & ROI in India

Food and beverage franchises in India are witnessing their lifetime growth in the recent times, and Cafe Coffee Day has been no exception. One of the most popular coffee junctions, CCD is a part of today's youths' lifestyle.

Till date, Cafe Coffee Day does not offer any franchise options, but wait! You can still enjoy the revenue potentials of their growth, which is as good as opening a CCD franchise. Costs and investments are also less, and you will enjoy a good return every month without getting into the troubles of running a business. Sounds interesting, right? Let us see how to open a Cafe Coffee Day store and earn good revenues. Keep reading!

How to start a Cafe Coffee Day franchise in India?

You skipped the first paragraph, right? Cafe Coffee Day franchise business options are still not available in India. But...

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) starting costs or investments

If you have a large commercial space (or a commercially convertible space) in a high or high-medium footfall area, you can go for renting a CCD. All you would need is 1000 to 1500 sq ft ground floor space (retail space), a minimum frontage of 25 running feet, and sufficient parking space. If you meet these criteria, let's find out how to apply for Cafe Coffee Day shop rent.

How to rent out your space to Cafe Coffee Day?

Having met the above mentioned criteria, you can contact CCD with the details enlisted below and the company officials get back to you as soon as possible. You are also welcome to clear your further queries from those Cafe Coffee Day contact persons via mobile or email. You need the furnish the following details:

  1. Who is the owner of your retail space, singly or jointly?
  2. Full postal residential address and contact information (mobile number, email id) of the owner(s).
  3. Full postal address of the commercial space intended for opening Cafe Coffee Day.
  4. Area of retail space in square feet
  5. Frontage area of retail space
  6. What are the demographic features of the catchment area of the potential CCD store?
  7. A few photographs from various angles of your commercial space.
Best of luck with your coffee business!

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Aman Kapoor said...

What is the franchise cost? also... where can we get ROI figures...

Adi said...

Mr Kapoor, Cafe Coffee Day direct franchises in India are still not available so there is no "franchise cost" of that sort. You can rent your space out to CCD for which you will need 1000 to 1500 sq ft ground floor area. The price of that, as you see, will vary from place to place. There is no other direct cost involved.

Opening Cafe Coffee Day shop in India can be done on rental or revenue share basis. If it is done on rental basis, the rent will again depend on several factors like your space in square feet, various amenities, whether the locality is a high footfall area or not, local land value and so on. Thus, a gross ROI is not calculable. If it is done on revenue share basis, they will probably share up to 20% of their revenue. You need to negotiate with the company officials directly for that.

Syed Thaha said...

Hi Sir,
i wish to know that what are the procedure to open a CCD in dubai.. kindly reply asap.

Syed Thaha

Unknown said...

Harsh G Mehta
Sir Me And My Friend is planning to open a CCD in one of the city of Gujarat but as we are not able to get the final cost for the franchise so can you please help me by forwarding me the basic cost details for opening the CCD with the franchise cost
With All Due Regards
Harsh G.Mehta

Adi said...

Mr Mehta, as already mentioned above, it is not possible to open direct CCD franchise, because they are not allowing so. However, you can rent out your property to Cafe Coffee Day. The minimum requirement is 1000 to 1500 sq ft with 25 running feet of frontage, and ample parking space. Now, the cost of this will vary from place to place; that is why we have not mentioned any investment amount here. You should better talk to a property dealer in your locality to find out the price of the above mentioned space in your area.

Max said...

@Kumaraditya Sarkar


Could you please share a list of other brands that work on the similar model like CCD, i.e. "Rent" model. All of us here would really appreciate it. Thanks.


Adi said...

A good suggestion, Max. We will try to post on franchises working on rent basis.

Unknown said...

i have a 1000 sq feet carpet area , first floor of an sco in a very prime location in chandigarh . Is it possible to have ccd there ?

vasim said...

Dear sir
I m from bikaner .. me n my friend wants to open ccd at prime location .. there have no brand restaurant
Yah we have a location .the rent of location is 80000 ... so please we want franchise of ccd . So tell me final costing of ccd franchise. .

Unknown said...

i wish franchise is possible...

Mohammed Akram said...

Dear Sir,
I am interested to open a CCD ownership in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. i have constructed commercial land 1250 SQFEET on prime location, several colleges, hospital, mall, residential area etc are surrounding. please let me know the best way to contact to CCD.

Mohammed Akram

Unknown said...

Dear sir,
I am planning to establish new CCD in Haveri(Karnataka) but I'm not able to get franchises kindly assist me for the basic cost guidance and provide all the details forwarding by e-mail,hope you'll make my dreams come true.

with best regards
sateesh ph +918050585316

gg said...

Dear Sir,
I have a 1400 sq feet area with a proper parking space is available, at a very very prime location in Moradabad(U.P.) Is it possible to have ccd there ? If it possible so please contact me on my number... 8791115904, 9012733662 (GAURAV PAL)

Unknown said...

What is the maximum percentage CCD offers in revenue share model?? Thanx

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
I have a 1500 sq feet area with a proper parking space available at a very very prime location in DEWAS (M.P.) Is it possible to have ccd here ? If so please contact me on my number... 9826044978 (NISHANT AGRAWAL) or mail me at

Unknown said...

I am interested to cafe coffee day franchise in pune my mail please reply an details

Unknown said...

Sir Me And My Friend is planning to open a CCD in one of the city of chennai but as we are not able to get the final cost for the franchise so can you please help me by forwarding me the basic cost details for opening the CCD with the franchise cost
With All Due.

Unknown said...

akshay jain
Sir i'm planning to open a CCD in one of the city of ANDHRA PRADESH can u plz provied details of it...if u dnt mind can u please make a call 2 me on 9014995529

Unknown said...

for rental space to CCD in nadiad (Gujarat) plz contact9727795710

Unknown said...

procedures for sarting coffee day in tamilnadu and how much investment does it require

Panini said...

Dear sir,

we are interest in franchise

we have our own shop
with 749 carpet area

please know your proposal

Unknown said...

hello sir,
hi this is swapnil and m from Nagpur city from maharashtra india and i want to open ccd franchise in nagpur . So please tell me details . I want open shortly so please let me all information on my mail id or whats app
my whats app no. is 08657254018
mail id :

Unknown said...

What is cost of frenchise in Indian currency

nayak said...

sir mere ko ccd k sath carrer ko start krna h. to mere ko kitna spend krna pdega. pls help sir. or pls give me your helpline no.

Unknown said...

sir, I Mr SanjayGoel Want to CCd in Noida sector 126 (Opp Amity University Gatee no 2) We Have Commercial Building Tell Me what is the procesure my contact no is 09411952698

Unknown said...

sir, i have a 1500 sq ft area in a very prime location in dimapur nagaland surround by KFC. PIZZA HUT hospitals etc. so im planning to open ccd in my location. if possible please reply me with details at or 08730807564

Vijesh said...

Hi, I have a piece of land at a prominent place near Bypass road, Madurai. It can be easily converted into a commercial retail space for your needs. If interested contact me at: 9994334376 or mail to:

Regards, Vijesh

Ramesh Gourshete said...

DEAR Sir I am from Jalgaon Maharashtra . I am interested in taking franchise of CCD. The requirements which you need are ready with us. From-Ramesh Gourshete

Unknown said...

Not possible

punkajmusic1 said...

can you plz give me with approximate start up amount for ccd and ccd share with full franchise detail for himalya resion because here all area are hills. contact me on

Unknown said...

am sudhagar from salem - tamilnadu i would like to start a ccd franchiese but i dnt know how much cost ... pls give me details full structure ... its my mail id

Unknown said...

I am interested to cafe coffee day franchise in pune (loni kalbhor) near MIT Clg and Railway station
my mail id

please reply an all details

Danish Aka BABA said...

I want to open ccd store in vikasnagar, dehradun. Plz give me all details.

Unknown said...

Hi sir...
Would u mind sending further formalities and fixtures to my mail
Looking forward to hearing from u.��

Unknown said...

Hi sir i want to franchise ccd in wayanad pz provide the details how to start

how to check onevanilla card balance said...

Hi i have 600 sqft space in good society. lower ground. Can start CCD there ? commercial space. two way open. builder society

jatin said...

Hi sir how to contac the concern person to know the procedure to show our place n to tie up for the business please guide us

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
I have a 1000 sq feet area with a proper parking space is available, at a very very prime location in Rishikesh(Utrakhand) near All India hospital, Is it possible to have ccd there ? If it possible so please contact me on my number... 9540333771, 9012181595 (Bhanu Pratap)

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