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How to open Samsung smartphones retail franchise / dealership: Investment cost, requirements, application process

By Starting Franchise on
Samsung Logo
Getting a dealership or retail franchise of mobile phones is always a lucrative business and if it is Samsung, nothing better than that. With increasing demands of smartphones and the zeal to change it frequently and getting latest model is now almost a fashion at all ages and Samsung has been the leading brand in smartphones worldwide. Here is the detail information of how to get retail franchise or dealership of Samsung mobiles, its investment costs, eligibility criteria and requirements, ROI and procedure to apply online.

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Starting Satya Paul accessories franchise : Capital requirement, start up cost, Profit on investment

By Starting Franchise on
Satya Paul accessories franchise logo Want to start a business of fashion accessories brand of International fame. Satya Paul fashion accessories is one of them. Satya Paul is considered as the best brand in fashion accessories like hand bags, women's wear, Men's fashion accessories like cufflinks, wallets, bridal werars etc. Here is the detail information regarding how to start Satya Paul franchise or to become Satya Paul accessories dealer, with all the information like capital required, start up cost, area required, locality and expected return on investment.

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Siyaram Franchise in India: Cost, investment returns, profits, application details

By Starting Franchise on
Siyaram franchise India logoWant to open a Siyaram franchise shop in India? Siyaram is one of the leading Indian brands in blended fabrics production and is a commendable name in the fashion industry. Learn how to start a Siyaram franchise, investment cost and returns, Siyaram franchise fees, application process and other details.

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Shahnaz Husain beauty parlour franchise: Investment, start up requirement, profit

By Starting Franchise on
Logo of Shahnaz Husain franchise in India Shahnaz Husain is not a name now and has become a famous brand for beauty parlour and beauty related products and is popular not only in India but in the World. If you are planning to start a business of starting a beauty parlour or selling beauty products and able to have an investment of 20 lakhs certainly association with Shahnaz Husain beauty parlour will be a dream come true. Here is the information and process to apply for Shahnaz Husain beauty parlour franchise, royalty fees, cost and other pre requisite required for the starting Shanaz Husain beauty parlour of Beauty academy ie training institute.

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Giani's Franchise in India: Cost, Investments & Requirements

By Starting Franchise on
Gianis Ice Cream Franchise Logo Gianis ice cream parlours are emerging as popular food franchises in India. Opening a Gianis ice cream parlours is a great idea in this summer when people would love to have them! If you want to open a Gianis franchise, we can help! Learn more about how to start Gianis ice-cream parlours in India, cost, return on investments, and contact details for Gianis Franchise in India.

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